Hire Us as Your Brick and Masonry Contractor for Your Walkway Installation Project

Brick walkway installation is not cheap. If you want to ensure that the walkway on your property will be able to withstand all the elements, it’s wise to use high-quality bricks and other materials. You should be willing to invest in the project. To ensure that the installation is done properly, you better choose the right brick and masonry contractor.

If your property is in Centreville, VA, you don’t have to go far to find a reliable contractor. You should choose Eddies Multi Services Inc because of the following reasons:

Knowledgeable to Provide Lasting Results

We have been providing our services since 1973. Even if we have decades of experience, we never stopped learning. To provide our clients with the right service, we updated ourselves by getting more training. The more we know the better service we’ll be able to provide our clients. True indeed, we have installed a lot of walkways through the years. With proper care, they are still looking great.

Equipped to Provide a Reliable Service

We made an investment when we started our company. However, as the years went by, it’s not enough anymore. We needed to upgrade our tools and equipment to provide an efficient walkway installation service. Since there are a lot of new tools and equipment in the market, we were able to upgrade and we are now using the latest technology.

Capable to Protect You and Your Property

We know how to look at the materials that we are using to ensure that they are not flawed and are durable. Even if we are using a reliable installation method, if the materials that we use are of questionable quality, it will be damaged right away. We don’t want to be the cause of accidents on your property because the driveway we installed is already damaged before it should.

When it comes to walkway installation, Eddies Multi Services Inc is the brick and masonry contractor you can rely on. Call our experts based in Centreville, VA at (571) 364-4550 today.

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