You Can Rely on Our Masonry Repair Service

Here in Eddies Multi Services Inc, we handle different types of masonry services. We don’t just install them, and it’s up to you to call us the moment they get damaged. Even if we don’t expect them to get damaged for decades, we still make sure we can take care of them. This doesn’t mean we repair only those that we installed or constructed. We provide masonry repair service to any type of masonry work. If you need a handyman service for the masonry work in your property in Centreville, VA, you already know who to call.

Preparation for the Repairs

To ensure that the damage on the masonry is properly repaired, we will give it a thorough check first. We won’t just check the damaged area, but the entire thing itself. We will make sure that we don’t miss anything. With our trained eyes, we will see even the slightest damage. The moment we find all the damage, we will report it to you and tell you what our action plan will be.

It’ll be up to you how we will be moving forward. Since it’s also part of our handyman service, we will perform maintenance tasks for the masonry as well. We will be including this in our action plan.

Repairing the Masonry

Equipped with our tools, we will start repairing the masonry. We choose the materials that we use meticulously to ensure a lasting result. We also use the right repair method to ensure that we are able to properly repair the masonry. We won’t leave any damaged area at all since this will only start another problem. We will double-check the areas that we repaired to ensure it’s properly done.

We are very thorough when we work. Our business has been around since 1973. Just like masonry, we are strong as well. Since we have a reputation to protect, we see to it that we are able to provide reliable masonry repair service all the time.

If you want the masonry work in your property in Centreville, VA to last for a long time, come to Eddies Multi Services Inc. To hire us for our handyman service, call us at (571) 364-4550 right away.

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