What Traits Should a Masonry Contractor Have?

Qualities to Look for in a Brick and Masonry Contractor


Are you planning to upgrade your concrete driveway or improve your backyard with a stone paver patio? Or, have you decided the brick or store around your porch or fireplace needs tuckpointing? Any masonry work is complicated. One can’t easily lay brick or other stone in a mortar and then smooth the mortar. It’s critical to hire the right contractor for your masonry work. You don’t want to leave the work to inexperienced individuals who may end up ruining the entire thing. So do some research before hiring anyone. These are the top three qualities that you should look for in a brick and masonry contractor.


The topmost quality that you should look for in a contractor is whether he is experienced or not. Your masonry contractor should have extensive experience building a wide range of brick and stone features. He can expertly do any related project you want to be done on your property. You can ask for photos or portfolios of their previous projects to ensure that the contractor you are choosing is capable of meeting your requirements.


As previously mentioned, masonry is a complicated task. It’s a specialized trade that requires extensive training, so look for a qualified contractor. A qualified masonry contractor is certified, licensed, and insured. They should be able to verify their knowledge of industry practices and state regulations with their license and certification. Their insurance coverage ensures that you are protected if anything goes wrong.


Contractors should be able to create a flexible schedule that allows them to recoup lost time and money. Find a contractor that pays attention to the details of your project. They can easily find a creative solution to any problems that may arise. Having close attention to detail also helps them prevent future issues that would require extensive and often expensive repairs.

These are three qualities that you should look for in a brick and masonry contractor. Eddies Multi Services Inc is a contractor you can trust when it comes to masonry work. Give us a call today at (571) 364-4550. We provide masonry services to clients in Centreville, VA.

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